Geometry Dash Lite Apk 2.2.11 Free Download

Geometry Dash Lite Apk
Geometry Dash Lite Apk
Geometry Dash Lite Apk

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v. 2.2.11


69 MB file


While Geometry Dash Lite Apk’s gameplay is basic and uncomplicated, its difficulty should not be taken lightly. Your character in this game is a unique square box that can jump and even fly. The game’s controls are simple; to make the character jump over hazards, you simply touch the display. However, participants will need fast decisions with the hurdles in front of them to succeed at any stage of this game due to the game’s constant fast pace. At the same time, if you are not the type of person who easily maintains their temper under pressure, this could be a game that causes you some pain.

Further, everyone who has played this game (including me) will agree that even the introductory level presents a significant challenge. I’m willing to bet that your first attempt at the game’s first level will not result in a successful completion. There are no stops in this game, making the stages that much more challenging. And yes, you have to reach the end of the stage before you can claim victory. The game’s creators have included a Practice mode so that you may acquire a feel for the controls, mechanics, and structure of each level before you dive in for real. Again, I urge you to maintain your composure as you play.

Minimum Requirement: Android 5.0 and above

Features of Geometry Dash Lite Apk Full Version

Cube covers

The primary avatar in the game may be customized with a variety of outfits. You can lead a cube of massive strength with an evil laugh on its face if you begin your trip with the most common cube. Earn stars throughout the level to unlock skins at the end of the round. It’s important to be upfront about the fact that you won’t be able to obtain skins for support. The sole non-monetary choice available is to purchase the whole game.

Informational Protection

The developer has supplied the following details regarding the possible data collection, sharing, and security measures taken by this application. Information gathering and use may change depending on factors such as the app version you’re using, the country you’re in, and your age.


Unlimited connectivity

It gives the application the flexibility to use its network protocols and build connections. Sending info to the internet does not demand this permit, as the browser and other programs already give the ability to do so. Alter or remove the data stored on your USB drive:

Gives the application access to the USB storage. Verify the identity and current status of a phone.

Gives the application permission to use the phone’s functions. With this access, the application can see the calling and called numbers, as well as the status of a current call and the distant number to which it is linked. Examine the data on your USB drive.

Gives the application access to the USB drive. Check out the Internet and network connections.

Authorizing the program to see details about networks, like which are set up and online. Examine wireless networks.

Enables the application to see details about the Wi-Fi connection, such as the status of the intranet and the names of any connected Wi-Fi devices.

What’s New in The Latest Version?

  • Welcome to the Superior Stage of Electrodynamics!
  • Releases of extra content!
  • Several changes and improvements.
  • Hexagonal Strike Power, now at a Whole New Level!
  • The Ultimate Club step for the Fresh Monster Stage!

How to Download and Install

The first step is to uninstall the existing old version of the Game from your device before installing the new one.

After that, download Lite apk from the link given above (Click on the Download Free button).

After you’ve downloaded it, open the menu under Settings > Security to enable it.

Make sure the setting is set to “Unknown Sources,” which will allow software from outside the Google Play Store to be installed on your smartphone. Turn it on.

Go back to your downloads folder and launch the Apk file.


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Personal Review

There is no slowness, you can Automatic Jump without tapping the display, and the game doesn’t have too many advertisements. Sometimes advertisements will appear after completing a level, but never during play. It’s got great tunes, buttery-smooth visuals, and no glitches. There have been zero crashes in the game. There may be complications, such as auto jumping if you use an older electronic device. However, I enjoy every aspect of the game. I wish it to be updated more frequently.

Final Words

Those who enjoy a good mental challenge should check out Lite version, a free version of the popular game. It takes a lot of work to maintain such high gaming intensity, thus you should be ready to fail. But if you’re the type of person that pays close attention and has a fast response time, or you want to become that kind of person, then you should start playing the game right this second! Over a hundred million people around the world have downloaded the game. Feel free to join and show everyone what you’re made of.


Q: Where to download Geometry Dash Lite Mod Apk?

Geometry Dash Lite Apk mod can be downloaded from our website freely.

Q: Is this legal to use this version?

Yes, it’s legal to run this modified edition on any device.

Q: What is the size of this game?

The size of the Geometry Dash Lite is 69 MB.

Q: How many levels are in Geometry Dash Lite Apk latest version?

There are sixteen (16) levels in the lite version.

Q: Can I Play Geometry dash lite on PC?

Yes, for this you have to download an emulator (blue stacks app) and you can play on PC and Mac.

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