Free Download Geometry Dash World APK Full Unlocked 2023

Geometry Dash World APK
Geometry Dash World apk
Geometry Dash World Apk

The Geometry Dash World apk is a 2D platform where you play as a square that navigates through multiple levels while avoiding obstacles and collecting items on the way. It features ten exclusive short stages, split into worlds containing five smaller ones each with hidden collectibles that can be brought back for later use in addition to shops or vaults available at all times. Remember, You have to jump over the obstacles at the right time.

Geometry Dash is a game that takes skill and patience to beat. As I said earlier, you need the right timing for each jump, or else you will be sent back down again until your progress has been reset entirely. It can feel frustrating at times but there’s always something exciting about seeing how far even an average player gets with these types of games.

Story Line

Welcome to the world of obstacles in the world version! You are a strange creature that has been given an opportunity.  If you can survive all these levels, then great things await just around each corner. Rush through sharp thorns and avoid numerous gaps as well as other dangerous traps while also trying not to fall down into any bottomless pits or eat unstartable monsters in this fun challenging game. Only a fast reaction saves your character from certain death. Get ready for some more punishment to come along with its own set-piece challenges.

Game Play

Geometry Dash World apk

The simple yet addictive gameplay will have your brain on overdrive. The game is like no other you have tried before. Your cube will not be 3D, but just a plain-looking 2d onesie! As the adventure begins though it becomes very addictive and rewarding. Thanks to its enjoyable gameplay that challenges your skills with simple touch commands. Challenges include flying or jumping over obstacles while facing off exotic monsters along waypoints throughout this strange land of geometry dash. Each scene brings something new waiting for players who want more than what they’ve experienced so far.

Features of Geometry Dash World Apk

Geometry Dash World full version is an amazing Arcade game for Android devices that you can play anytime, anywhere. It has specific features, given below:

Distinctive Stages

In just a few seconds, gamers will be introduced to the intuitive gameplay of Geometry Dash. As you play through different stages and learn how to control your cube quickly becomes easy with practice! But it’s going take quite some time before getting used to all these advanced features that make up this game so addictive.  Rhythm-based mechanics for instance produce an intense sense of goal-seeking behavior from players as they try again one stage after another until finally overcoming their obstacle or failing spectacularly at least once every single attempt.”

Unique Levels

Geometry Dash World apk

There are ten (10) unique levels in Geometry Dash World, each with its own set of obstacles and challenges. You’ll enjoy a new song from an award-winning artist or band every time you play through one of these stages!

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Daily Quests and Rewards

Log in to the game and get a reward! Collect your daily rewards, which are better each time you come back. In addition, there’s an exciting quest that will earn valuable loot for those who participate. It could be just what we’re looking for this week!

Challenge Gamers all over the World

The game is now available to play online, so you can challenge gamers from around the world. You get access to levels created by RobTop Games and even some Geometry Dash community-made material! Create your own map for others in this fun-filled racing adventure that will keep both adults AND children entertained for hours on end.

Safekeeping Data

Conversely, if you have your Facebook account connected to the game then any data losses are prevented. Your save files will also be uploaded online which means that the next time when log in from another device or computer they’ll still be there for safekeeping!


The game also includes many exciting customizations for gamers, such as unique icons and items that can be added to your inventory. You’ll unlock these after joining the online community or by finishing levels in-game so make sure you collect them all!

Unique Buffs

The levels in this game are designed to be challenging, but you can make them easier with the help of special abilities and boosts. Use your boost whenever necessary or else risk losing progress on a level!

The unique buffs available along the player’s way will allow him/her to utilize different kinds of powered-up moves like shooting stars that enable rapid traveling across short distances; gaining traction while jumping high into the air. All these things combined ensure victory over enemies lurking within each stage.

Practice Mod

Geometry Dash World offers players an exciting practice mode where they can put all their skills into practice and sharpen them with incredible levels. With just one tap, you have access to different difficulties for every level that will challenge even your most skilled self.

Unlimited Content

We all know how much gamers love to unlock unlimited content in games, but sometimes it’s difficult if you don’t want your progress slowed down by the payment option. Thankfully for those people who hate waiting around and purchasing things with real money, there is another way! Geometry Dash MOD APK world gives players access without any limitations on what can be bought or unlocked. You just need this app installed onto the device before starting gameplay.”

Beautiful HD Graphics

Geometry Dash World apk

Geometry Dash World is an app that you can play on your phone or tablet. It has beautiful HD graphics, which allow the player to immerse themselves in gameplay and enjoy smooth mechanics without struggling with lagging issues as much as other 2D platformers do! Plus, it’s possible for players who don’t have too high-end devices (like some laptops) because this game doesn’t require complicated hardware settings. Just simple ones should be enough when playing Geometry Dash World.

High-Quality Rhythmic Music

With its simple gameplay and intuitive sound effects, the Geometry Dash world still manages to deliver an exciting experience for gamers. New levels unlock new pieces of high-quality music from some best composers in this game! So put on your headphones now while playing through immersive landscapes with unique obstacles that will keep you on your toes at all times

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Unlimited Coins, Skins and Experience Points

With each level of Geometry Dash World Mod apk completed successfully, which can take many hours depending on how much time one has available, you are rewarded not only with coins but also Experience points (XP). These latter two currencies allow players basic access to upgrading their own abilities or purchasing items.

Benefit: There are many benefits that come with using the Geometry Dash World mod version. For starters, it allows players to enjoy the game without having to pay for any in-game purchases.

How to Download Geometry Dash World Apk

  • The download button is right here at the top, so click on it!
  • The downloading will be started within a few moments.
  • Turn on the unknown sources setting on your Android phone! This is a program developed by Google that protects your device from harmful apps. 
  • Go into settings where there will be an option for ‘unknown source’ under application developers.
  • Open up “My Files” on your phone and tap the Geometry Dash World APK file name below it.
  • Now you have the opportunity to get this awesome game on your device, so make sure to tap the install option once it appears on your screen!
  • The new version of this great app is available here on our website. You can catch it without any difficulty.


  • Improves hand and eye coordination.
  • The game offers an innovative way for players to explore the level and find shortcuts they would otherwise miss.
  • It can be used for players to identify areas where they need more practice.


  • In case of failure, it may cause of creating a bit of frustration.


Overall, Geometry Dash World Apk is a great game that is perfect for anyone who wants to test their skills and reflexes. The controls are simple and easy to learn, and the game is incredibly addicting. The graphics are colorful and vibrant, and the soundtrack is catchy and upbeat. The level design is also top-notch, providing a good challenge for even the most experienced gamers. With all of these factors considered, it’s easy to see why this game is one of the most popular games among gamers.


Q.    What is the minimum requirement for Geometry Dash World Apk?

A.      Geometry Dash world Apk can be downloaded with Android 5.0 and above.

Q.    How do you get Geometry Dash full version for free?

A.      The only legal way to play Geometry Dash for free on your PC is to download the mobile file (APK). However, Windows and Mac don’t have the capability to run these types of files. If you want to play a specific game on Mac, you have to use an emulator.

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