How To Get Demon Keys In Geometry Dash 2023?

how to get demon keys in geometry dash

Players are in search of How to get demon keys in Geometry dash or some playing light version are in search of demon keys in Geometry dash Lite. Look! In Geometry Dash, there is a tool that is designed to unlock the chests present in the treasure room. That tool has a demon symbol. The game has three different kinds of chests. And for those chests, we need three types of demon keys: Blue, Orange, and Green.

how to get demon keys in geometry dash

If you get the demon key you will be able to play with more features. That means more fun! It is really important to get each demon key to be able to exchange them with chests, objects, and other rare icons that we collect in our inventory.

If you are really into Geometry Dash and enjoying playing it but do not how to get demon keys in geometry dash, we are here to your help!

How to Get Demon Keys in Geometry Dash Lite

You can get the demon keys by earning 500 orbs. Not by chests but by orbs. The chests will not count in it. After getting 500 orbs by playing various levels you will probably get the demon key. If you are thinking of for what purpose you can use demon keys? Once you have collected 5 demon keys. You will be easily able to go to the chest dungeon. And then if you open 50 to 150 chests, or even more than that. You will be able to open a specific chest. If you have access to that dungeon, you can go to the secret shop on the last page. But for that, you will need 500 diamonds.

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Shortly, to unlock a demon chest, a demon key must be used. The demon chest has some incredible treasures, as well as some mana orbs.

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Play as many levels to unlock the treasure room.

How to earn demon keys in Geometry Dash

Blue Key

A blue keyhole in a level can be used to make a blue key open a door. This key is usually rewarded to you after completing the Chaos Gantlet. It now appears on the Gauntlet menu.

Orange Key

The Orange Key is available in the chest of the Chamber of Time, which is now easily available.

Green Key

The Green Key can be easily found in the first large chest in the treasure room, followed by 50 chests to be opened.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: What is the use of the purple Demon Key?

A purple demon key is used for Demon Gauntlet. It is because you cannot access the demon gauntlet without unlocking the demon guardian.

Q2: Which are the easiest and hardest demons in Geometry Dash?

The easiest demon is Demon Mixed while the hardest level classified in the list is Slaughterhouse.

Q3: Is there any easy way to get the demon key in Geometry Dash?

Orbs are needed to get the demon key. Play any 8-10 levels you like. You do not need to beat them all just end it by 50 % and move on to the next level. It will collect orbs faster.

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